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Soaring High On Eagle’s Wings


Certainly for many of us, life is “eating, drinking and be merry now for tomorrow we shall die”. Others have chosen a more serious way to do it. By working very hard day and night, and earning more money continuously, they think that later in life they can afford to be merry. Others balance their lives well in what the world sees and appreciates, but denying the importance of the great God. For them, religion is just a part of life that completes the perfect scene.

But, are they truly happy? Are the contented with what they do? We, true Christians, can readily say they are not for this and that reasons. We are very good at that!

“Oh, because they do not give God all the spaces to move in their lives”, I said once. True. But, wait! Do we, true Christians, do that perfectly, too? In fact, I failed that just recently – 73% failure. It was on relationship. My fiancee and I needed to wait upon the Lord because He had plans for us before we marry. The word for Mike was: IF I CAN WAIT. The time frame was for as long as it takes. We were hurt, specially me. God prevailed. We have to wait, period.

Mike was more submissive to God than me. Because of this, we had to talk and prayed together. It was then, without shame, that I told God about my heartaches and pains. I opened my whole heart to Him. Then, I began to find real, inner peace. I was healed emotionally.

Mike and I still love each other. We still chat and we decide to wait upon the Lord to direct where we are going. We know we have made a very good decision. Now, we have renewed strength to face life ahead because He is and will be there for us. We will soar high for God. Amen!

Observing the lives of many people around, (and I, too, once tried to pose the worldly-balanced life), I could not but appreciate the life I have now chosen. I have found out that living and waiting for God’s will in my life means I do not have to stir the wheels because He will do it for me. All I need to do is rely on Him to bring me safely to the place where He wants me to go – where He wants Mike and I to go, too. It is sure to be the safest place in the whole universe.

Friend, no matter what will other people say, life with God and in His direction is still the best one you and I could ever find. Why don’t you try it?

(c) October 2009, Luisa Mercado